A quick guide

How To Choose The Right Frame

It can be hard sometimes to find the right frame for your print. The truth is most of the times, there is no right or wrong choice. So how do you choose? Here are some things to consider.

No. 1

Think size and shape

Probably the most important step. Think of the space that is about to become the print’s new home. Do you want it to stand out? Do you want it to make a statement? Or do you simply want it to fill a blank?

What if you are creating an art wall? Matching the frames’ size and shape is as important as finding prints that go together to form one cohesive masterpiece.

No. 2

Incorporate it in the decor

Sometimes we may forget, but frames are part of the decor. So look around and consider the materials of the frame, the thickness, depth and colour. Don’t be afraid to incorporate more than one aspect of a room.

Do you want to match the softness of the furnishings? Or perhaps the toughness of the coffee table? Or maybe the geometry of the lamp? Things like these can help you decide between a wooden or a metal frame. Between a varnished or a painted one. Between a light or dark frame.

No. 3

Match materials and finishes

Why not match your wooden frames with other wooden items in your room: shelves, table, stools? Do you love perfectly matched wood tones? Is it even possible to find a perfect match? Do you like contrasts? Experiment with the different tones. You too can achieve an airy scandi or japandi feel.

No. 4

Blend in with the background

A seamless transition can be created by matching the frame to the background. Draw attention to the print. Let it sink into the wall. Allow the eye to stop only for the print.

No. 5

Make it an extension of the print

Or do the opposite!

Let the print spill over. Wrap around. Crawl out of the frame. Matching the frame with the print is the perfect opportunity to create that desirable continuity effect. The frame does not limit the print, it becomes part of it.