squarepaint is a London-based online store offering a unique selection of high quality posters and art prints as well as original pieces from both upcoming and established artists.

Our inspiration comes from the things around us. The tangible, yet invisible. The invisible and yet tangible. We are inspired by nature, by people and traditions, by memories and places. We fuse Nordic trends, fashion and interior design with new and innovative technology in the creative industry.

We believe that art does not have boundaries. Everyone should enjoy it. Daily. In their homes. Our mission is to bring you an unique, environmentally friendly selection of high quality art prints right on your doorstep.

The squarepaint collection is a handpicked selection of art prints, created by different artists, photographers and designers and curated in-house by our team of experts.

If you are in need of inspiration to find your next art print, or simply looking for interior design and styling ideas, our Instagram or Inspiration page on our website will provide you with exactly that. You can also dive into the background of some of the artists and designers we work with, keep track of new design releases and read extended editorial collaborations with industry specialists.