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Cristian Taban is based in London, United Kingdom. He has been interested in art as long as he can remember. It all started with drawings and paintings as a child, transitioned into composing music to writing books as a teenager, but it all came back full circle to his first love - painting.

His main source of inspiration is his own past and his wild imagination. Growing up in a city, he enjoyed the fast paced life that a metropolis brings, but it’s those winters and summers he spent in the village with his grandparents that really taught him the simple, honest life of a person that respects nature and lives entirely off it’s resources.

“One of my fondest memories is just laying in the tall grass, still damp with the morning dew. The sound of bells coming from the sheep flock not far in the distance. The smell of fishermen coming back from the river. The rays of sun warming my cheeks. This is what I share through some of my pieces. When you look at them I want you to remember what made you happy. To remember that one moment, when everything was perfect.”

Other collections, as Cristian puts it, are inspired by accidents, by the unplanned, by the simple things around us, by the unnoticed. His passion for shapes and geometry, for clean lines and precise angles is clearly seen in some his prints, but he took on the challenge upon himself to accept and come to love imperfections, messy lines, scribbles and natural hand movement, because these are the things that truly resemble life.

“I believe everyone is an artist inside. I believe everyone enjoys art in whatever form or shape it may take. I am here to share my interpretation of it.”

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